[coreboot] Geode VSA bin

Oliver Schinagl oliver+list at schinagl.nl
Wed Nov 6 02:48:59 CET 2013

Hey list,

I'm slowly trying to find time to get coreboot running again on one of 
my Wyse S10 thinclients. I've found Fijam's blog indicating that a VSA 
binary was required and that Nils Jacobs was working on them and 
planning on submitting his work to be upstreamed. What is the status of 
this? Can we build the Geode target that relies on GX2 VSA or are there 
still external dependancies that can be obtained somewhere. The sources 
and toolchains are listed in Fijam's post but he says it's a huge pain 
to get working.


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