[coreboot] Ivy Bridge desktop support

Nico Huber nico.h at gmx.de
Sat Mar 30 19:57:06 CET 2013

Dear coreboot folks,

I'm looking forward to write a port for my Ivy Bridge desktop system based
on this board: Intel DH77EB (codenamed Eb Lake, [1]). It comes with the H77
platform controller hub (PCH) and a Winbond W83677HG super I/O chip (build
by Nuvoton as NCT6775F, [2]). I'm using it with a Core i3-3225 processor [3].
I've got the datasheet for the super I/O, so writing support for it should
be no problem.

Is there any doubt that the current code for Ivy Bridge and the Panther Point
PCH works out of the box on a desktop system? I see that at least I have to
add some device IDs.

Regarding the PCH code, is SOUTHBRIDGE_INTEL_C216 the general option for
Panther Point? or is it really C216 specific?

Then there are the binary blobs. I'm not quite sure, which are necessary:
`ifdtool -x` gives me four regions out of the original vendor firmware:
  flashregion_2_intel_me.bin, and
Obviously, the second one will be replaced with coreboot. I guess, I'll need
to use or replace the flashdescriptor.bin and intel_me.bin? What about the
last one `flashregion_3_gbe.bin`? do I need it as well? I haven't seen an
equivalent in the 3rdparty directories for supported boards. Surprisingly, I
didn't find a VGA BIOS in there. Well, I might not need it, anyhow. The box
should be booted before any display device is up :)


[1] http://ark.intel.com/products/59505/Intel-Desktop-Board-DH77EB

[2] http://www.nuvoton.com/NuvotonMOSS/Community/ProductInfo.aspx?tp_GUID=746a4e20-12bc-4170-872b-38ecc32e6dbc

[3] http://ark.intel.com/products/65692/Intel-Core-i3-3225-Processor-3M-Cache-3_30-GHz

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