[coreboot] #191: Coreboot:libpayload-size_t conflicting types compiler error

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Fri Mar 22 06:42:32 CET 2013

#191: Coreboot:libpayload-size_t conflicting types compiler error
    Reporter:  Pradish     |         Owner:  uwe@…
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 I have question related to libpayload, which I am trying to solve, but not
 able to.

 I have successfully build the coreboot.rom  for QEMU x86.
 Now when  I try to build the libpayload project it throws error.

 System configuration:
 Virtual Box –Ubuntu 11.10 version
 Building for X86 Paltform
 Earlier I have run the cross toolchain  using the command ‘make crossgcc’
 and it was succcessfull

 Error information:
 /coreboot/payloads/libpayload$ make install
 CC   libpci/libpci.libpci.o
 In File included from include/libpayload.h:54:0,
                  from libpci/libpci.c:30:
 include/x86/arch/types.h:56:22: error: conflicting types for 'size_t'
 In file included from include/libpayload.h:49:0,
                  from libpci/libpci.c:30:
 note: previous declaration of 'size_t' was here
 make: ***[build/libpci/libpci.libpci.o] Error 1

 pradish at pradish-VrtualBox:~/coreboot/paylaods/libpayload$

 can you tell me, how to resolve this , I have not done any changes to the
 source code. Just performed ‘make’


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