[coreboot] [RFC] GSoC proposal: Native graphics init for AMD/ATI graphics hardware

Rudolf Marek r.marek at assembler.cz
Wed Mar 20 23:08:47 CET 2013

> The issue is to extract useful information (semi-automatically) and
> create new ATOMBIOS tables (since drivers rely on them, to my knowledge)
> that are independent enough so we can ship them under own (C).

Best would be to ask AMD to include ATOMbios tables in vendorcode.

Does it sound unreal?

If we get the tables rest is easier, but I also looked into this some time ago 
and just running ATOMbios interpreter is definetly NOT enough to get some legacy 
VGA mode. I tried to get in touch with Xorg people and they thought i will need 
some "driver" for this.

Also please note that the option ROM is more or less just interpreter of the 
bytecode too.


> Patrick

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