[coreboot] i82801gx: SMI from "GPE0_STS: USB1"

Константин Аладышев aladyshev at nicevt.ru
Tue Jun 11 16:33:12 CEST 2013


I have some troubles with southbridge i82801gx.

I can boot Windows on my board, but S3 from OS doesn't work properly if i resume with USB keyboard.

In this case, i have Wake signal and coreboot starts to boot, but it stucks with endless messages about SMI# "GPE0_STS: USB1":


SMI# #0

SMI# #0

SMI# #0


These messages come from file "\southbridge\intel\i82801gx\smihandler.c", function "dump_gpe0_status". 

According to i82801gx datasheet:

USB1_STS - R/WC. Software clears this bit by writing a 1 to it.
0 = USB UHCI controller 1 does Not need to cause a wake.

1 = Set by hardware when USB UHCI controller 1 needs to cause a wake. Wake event

will be generated if the corresponding USB1_EN bit is set.


Clearing of GPE0_STS bits properly done in function reset_gpe0_status

 * @brief read and clear GPE0_STS
 * @return GPE0_STS register
static u32 reset_gpe0_status(void)
 u32 reg32;

 reg32 = inl(pmbase + GPE0_STS);
 /* set status bits are cleared by writing 1 to them */
 outl(reg32, pmbase + GPE0_STS);

 return reg32;

So... i can't really understand, why does this SMI# appear again and again?

Aladyshev Konstantin.
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