[coreboot] Chromebooks overview

Tim Zander t.zander at uea.ac.uk
Tue Jun 11 02:50:42 CEST 2013

>   May 2012      Samsung      Series 3 Chromebox      Stumpy
> support yes: choose mainboard vendor samsung
>   May 2012      Samsung      Series 5 550 Chromebook      Lumpy
> support yes: choose mainboard vendor samsung

These two might be possible to flash in system:


Hardware Preparation

     Open the case
         You'll now have to disassemble your device (which most likely 
voids your warranty).
     Disable write protect
         You'll have to locate the Write Protect jumper and enable it.
         This will make the BIOS read-write so you can update it.
         Once things have been updated, you can undo this so your BIOS 
is read-only again.
     Reassemble the device
         Now that you've done toggled the jumper, you need to reassemble 
the device and power it up.
     Check the write protect
         Run crossystem and look at the wpsw_cur field; it should be 0.
     Plug your system in to be safe!
         For the Chromebook laptop, make sure the battery is charged, 
and the power supply is connected.
         For the Chromebox, try and plug it into a battery backup (UPS), 
and don't try this during a storm :).


for location of jumper			

>   October 2012     Samsung     ARM Chromebook     Snow (aka Daisy)
>   November 2012     Acer     C7 Chromebook     Parrot
>   January 2013     Lenovo     Thinkpad X131e Chromebook     Stout
>   February 2013     HP     Pavilion 14 Chromebook     Butterfly
>   February 2013     Google     Chromebook Pixel     Link
> support of all 5 yes: choose mainboard vendor google

Now what is with the other five?
Here it looks like information of chromium.org stops:

Do the other chromebook have  write protect jumper as well?			

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