[coreboot] i would like to get coreboot working on VIA PC2500E

matti christensen mattic at iki.fi
Mon Jun 10 10:04:15 CEST 2013

i broke the motherboard = once again tried to change the bios chip and
ripped socket off the board

i really am nearly crying - i am 56 years old and it appears that i am
never gonna have a truly free system

unfortunately - maybe lucky from your point of view - i am unable to
swear in english and thus following in finnish



On 6/9/13, Nico Huber <nico.h at gmx.de> wrote:
> Hello Matti,
>> - the basic issue is that after following your pages, coreboot won't boot
> I'm sorry to hear that. There can be many things going wrong
> (configuration,
> missing files, toolchain failing). I'm not familiar with the PC2500E but
> maybe I can help checking your configuration. Please paste your coreboot's
> .config, and .config of libpayload (normally in payloads/libpayload/), and
> .config of FILO (payloads/external/FILO/filo/).
> Did you add a VGA BIOS to coreboot? If not, you might just not seeing
> anything, even if coreboot boots. AFAIK, without a VGA BIOS, you won't
> see anything until Linux loads the openchrome driver.
>> - i have not yet tried to get output w serial console but try to
>> follow previous hint to do 'make crossgcc'
> The serial output of coreboot is always worth a look if something goes
> wrong. If rebuilding coreboot with the reference toolchain doesn't help,
> this is where to start, IMO.
>> - as i try to do 'make crossgcc' the system appears to go to loop =
>> now it has been trying for an hour with only output on attached
>> make_crossgcc_out / make_crossgcc_err
> There was a bug just fixed in upstream coreboot [1]. I guess, it is what
> was causing the loop you experienced.
> Please try again with current coreboot master. If you didn't change any
> coreboot source, you can just do
>   git pull
> in your coreboot directory. If you did changes, commit them and try to
> rebase
>   git fetch origin master
>   git rebase FETCH_HEAD
> Then build crossgcc and rebuild coreboot:
>   make crossgcc # Takes some time, but you should see more output
>   make clean
>   make
> I hope that helps,
> Nico
> [1] http://review.coreboot.org/3418


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