[coreboot] i would like to get coreboot working on VIA PC2500E

Nico Huber nico.h at gmx.de
Sun Jun 9 13:15:20 CEST 2013

Hello Matti,

> - the basic issue is that after following your pages, coreboot won't boot
I'm sorry to hear that. There can be many things going wrong (configuration,
missing files, toolchain failing). I'm not familiar with the PC2500E but
maybe I can help checking your configuration. Please paste your coreboot's
.config, and .config of libpayload (normally in payloads/libpayload/), and
.config of FILO (payloads/external/FILO/filo/).

Did you add a VGA BIOS to coreboot? If not, you might just not seeing
anything, even if coreboot boots. AFAIK, without a VGA BIOS, you won't
see anything until Linux loads the openchrome driver.

> - i have not yet tried to get output w serial console but try to
> follow previous hint to do 'make crossgcc'
The serial output of coreboot is always worth a look if something goes
wrong. If rebuilding coreboot with the reference toolchain doesn't help,
this is where to start, IMO.

> - as i try to do 'make crossgcc' the system appears to go to loop =
> now it has been trying for an hour with only output on attached
> make_crossgcc_out / make_crossgcc_err
There was a bug just fixed in upstream coreboot [1]. I guess, it is what
was causing the loop you experienced.

Please try again with current coreboot master. If you didn't change any
coreboot source, you can just do
  git pull
in your coreboot directory. If you did changes, commit them and try to
  git fetch origin master
  git rebase FETCH_HEAD

Then build crossgcc and rebuild coreboot:
  make crossgcc # Takes some time, but you should see more output
  make clean

I hope that helps,


[1] http://review.coreboot.org/3418

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