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Which supported laptop is the most free?

According to the laptop section of:


The the status of the Roda and Getac board (both "OK") doesn't link to
anything. Is the implication that coreboot works flawlessly on these
boards? And how bad is the proprietary code? Can Getac and Roda still spy
on me with it?

I'd like to get a chromebook. The status is "OK" but links to a page that
says there are proprietary components. What is microcode? What is MRC.bin
and ME.bin? Again, can google control my laptop with this code?

Finally, if the above options don't pan out, I could get a Lenovo. The
X60[s] and T60[p] made no mention of proprietary code. :) Can anyone
confirm this? That would be pretty sweet!

The Lenovo X201 supports a faster cpu, but the status links to a page that
says it has proprietary components too...anyone know anything about these
proprietary components? I don't want Lenovo sending my laptop secret

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. My goal is to build a laptop that
is 100% free of proprietary code...

Thanks in advance!
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