[coreboot] Help Finding BIOS Chip on Thinkpad X60

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Tue Jan 29 23:09:16 CET 2013

Alex Griffin wrote:
> I recently got my hands on a Thinkpad X60, one of the few laptops
> supported by Coreboot. Following the wiki instructions for installing on
> this machine, I opened up the case to find the BIOS chip model to make
> sure I could apply a correct patch against flashrom and avoid bricking
> the machine. I can't seem to identify the BIOS chip, though, and I don't
> see any chips on the motherboard labeled with anything present in
> flashrom's sources.
> Can anyone help me? Where is the BIOS chip located on your X60? Is there
> any other advice you can give me about how to identify the BIOS chip? I
> have a few pictures of the top and bottom of the motherboard that I can
> post later if that would help.

Just patch flashrom and run it. It will work fine and you will not
brick the machine unless you erase the chip and then power off the

If you have some doubts then solder a header to the flash chip so
that you can program it from the outside.

The flash chip is located on the underside of the mainboard, opposite
of the wifi Mini-PCIe card. It's an SO-8 package with a coloured
small dot in the corner.


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