[coreboot] Could x60x coreboot.rom work with ThinkPad Z61p?

Corin corinite at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 01:16:49 CET 2013

 From what I can tell, the Z61p uses the same motherboard found in x60x 
models. It has specs comparable to certain T60ps, though the screen 
resolution  is different (WUXGA instead of SXGA+, UZGA or WSXGA+) and 
the ethernet's Broadcom, instead of Intel. The only other difference 
seems to be that there's less variance in the WLAN, WWAN and GPU with 
the Z61p (only one possibility for each, though the cards use are all 
possible in the T60p).

Z61x models aren't nearly as common as x60x models, so it makes sense 
that they would've gone ignored, but I'm curious if anyone thinks it 
might work. I don't currently own one, though I'd like to know what my 
chances are before I do make a purchase.

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