[coreboot] Permanent solution of the UEFI Secure Boot problem?!

Xavi Drudis Ferran xdrudis at tinet.cat
Fri Jan 11 19:56:09 CET 2013

On Fri 11/01/13 18:18 , ron minnich <rminnich at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Fri, Jan 11, 2013 at 6:38 AM, Xavi Drudis Ferran  wrote:
> >> get an ARM-based laptop and help us with the ongoing ARM port of
> >> coreboot. A samsung ARM chromebook or EFIKA might be nice.
> >>
> >
> > Porting coreboot should be nice, but AFAIK they already come with
> > free firmware (uboot).
> I think you're missing the point. OP asked about coreboot. Helping us
> on ARM is one answer.

 Yes it is one answer, I didn't mean to say it wasn't.
Maybe I got lost in the thread somewhere. The original thread was about
secure boot and boot restrictions, and the interest in coreboot was as help
in it, so other free software solutions like u-boot might also be helpful.
I'm not saying coreboot can't or shouldn't be ported to ARM or that
it isn't important or anything. I welcome it.

> Have you done a pull lately on the repo? You might be surprised at the
> two new google mainboards in there.
> > I know. I blame it partially on the PC architecture,
> I don't blame *any* of it on the PC architecture. Hardware is hard.
> Period.
> > Hardware design is mostly logic,
> no, the *easy* part is mostly logic.
> >There's some physical
> > considerations,
> which drive everything else.

Whatever. You know better than me. I don't think we're saying so different things. 
> > I've often thought it would be very nice if "we" (who?) could pick a
> very few
> > computer models each year and try to concentrate effort on those in
> order
> > to have free implementation for both coreboot and all drivers.
> You lost me here. I listed a set of things the OP could work on which
> already have a lot of support but need some help. I just did what you
> said -- I picked the models. So what's the problem?

There's no problem. I was just trying to explain why the way you and others
do it is the way it works instead of a kickstarter for the perfect Ubuntu+Coreboot laptop. 
I was starting from that Ubuntu Laptop page where
lots of people with good intentions hope to just pool buying power and have
a laptop developed for them but can't even agree in specs.So instead of development 
being lead by either vendors paying for coreboot development to ship in their 
products or developers 
working on what interests them one could dream of some group buy and 
concentrated effort to have very good support very soon or something. I was 
being sympathethic because it is a nice thought, even if I know it's just wishful 
thinking. But I must have been very bad at explaining and it is not worth 
distracting people here any more. 

Never mind. 

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