[coreboot] Feedback On Coreboot: the Solution to the Secure Boot Fiasco

Andrew Goodbody ajg4tadpole at gmail.com
Sat Jan 5 01:03:04 CET 2013

On 03/01/13 23:23, gary sheppard wrote:
> Numerous security experts have already said it is anything but secure,
> and it will never be secure. They have only said this quietly, and that
> "voice" has been minimalized, while "PROGRESS" is shouted to the
> heavens. Hey, look at android and  how phone makers "lock" it down. Does
> it stay locked? No! Come on people, put your heads out of...  ;)
> Gary

Security is not an absolute. It is a tradeoff against the time needed to 
overcome it. Secure Boot is more secure than no security. coreboot 
offers no security. coreboot can never be "the Solution to the Secure 
Boot Fiasco" until it can offer better security than Secure Boot.

Yes there may be breaks for early implementations of Secure Boot but 
anyone predicting that it can never be fixed is a very brave person. 
Never is a long time. Remember, fixed does not mean perfect. Fixed just 
means takes longer to overcome than anyone cares to invest in it.

Sorry but "this will be broken because everything before it has been 
broken" is not a credible critique; that is the inductive fallacy.


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