[coreboot] Patch merged into coreboot/master: 12d6024 AMD boards: ACPI DSDT: Use COREBOOT for the OEM Table ID field

gerrit at coreboot.org gerrit at coreboot.org
Mon Feb 25 18:51:31 CET 2013

the following patch was just integrated into master:
commit 12d60247ab071e775cad6dc7fe78c2d7bc9bab45
Author: Paul Menzel <paulepanter at users.sourceforge.net>
Date:   Thu Feb 21 15:54:50 2013 +0100

    AMD boards: ACPI DSDT: Use COREBOOT for the OEM Table ID field
    The DSDT header contains the fields OEMID and OEM Table ID. See
    for example ACPI specification 4.0a [1]
    Differentiated System Description Table (DSDT)
    on page 135. There Table 5-16 contains the descriptions.
    Field         Byte Length  Byte Offset  Description
    OEMID         6            10           OEM ID
    OEM Table ID  8            16           The manufacture model ID.
    Currently in coreboot there is no common method what to put in
    these fields.
    Mostly Intel based boards populate it with "CORE  " ore "COREv4"
    and AMD based boards populate it with the board vendor and
    model number, abbreviated appropriately to fit into these fields.
    On most boards the proprietary vendor BIOS seems to leave these
    fields – displayed with `sudo dmidecode` under System Information –
        To Be Filled By O.E.M.
    and fill out the Base Board Information with the board vendor and
    model name.
    In [2] Jens Rottmann argues that the this is really just the table
    ID used for naming it and that »99% of the DSDT code is not board
    Both approaches seem to have their advantages, but using the
    second one, developers often seem to forget to update them (for
    example AMD Thather).
    The current situation is at least not optimal. and therefore at
    least unify the string in the OEM Table ID. If unifying the
    OEM ID is also a good idea this should be done too.
    If later on it should be decided that the board vendor and model
    should be used again, this should be somehow derived from
    The following command was used for the change [3].
        $ git grep -l '\/\* TABLE ID \*\/' | xargs sed -i '/TABLE ID/s/"\([^"]*\)"/"COREBOOT"/'
    This patch is split out from [2].
    [1] http://www.acpi.info/spec40a.htm
    [2] http://review.coreboot.org/#/c/2464/
    [3] http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5207838/sed-regex-matching-text-between-to-double-quotes-when-a-certain-text-appears-i
    Change-Id: Iec98c615ce37f928abc1b500eff5aa865d772cb2
    Signed-off-by: Paul Menzel <paulepanter at users.sourceforge.net>
    Reviewed-on: http://review.coreboot.org/2472
    Tested-by: build bot (Jenkins)
    Reviewed-by: Stefan Reinauer <stefan.reinauer at coreboot.org>

Build-Tested: build bot (Jenkins) at Thu Feb 21 17:01:23 2013, giving +1
Reviewed-By: Stefan Reinauer <stefan.reinauer at coreboot.org> at Mon Feb 25 18:51:28 2013, giving +2
See http://review.coreboot.org/2472 for details.


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