[coreboot] i915tool

ron minnich rminnich at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 20:25:13 CET 2013

I just updated it.
I had to wait, starting some time ago, because there was too much info
appearing in it about this:

and I got nervous.

Status: you'll see in as we upstream the coreboot that we can turn on
graphics in coreboot now without a vbios. The code is crude and I'm in
the process of creating a replacement. The tool to create the real
code is in the i915tool and is called gen915code.c. Note that it does
lot of annotation, turning things like this:
{W, 1, "", _PIPEACONF, 0x00000040, },


What this means is that moving to other laptops *may* be easier.

We've got kernel patches too, and the result is that we've (in an
experiment) reduced boot time to a login prompt to less than 4 seconds
(after firmware is finished).

My goal is to make that better, but we'll see. But we chopped a full 3
seconds off of boot.

I am sorry this i915tool is a mess. I really wish it were better. I
offer it in the state it is because I'm hoping it can be used, but
it's very experimental and represents a lot of lessons learned the
hard way. Part of this mess is that my ideas about how to do the work
have changed so much since I started it.

Here are docs, which are also not very good, sorry!

Questions to me. Hope that some part of this is useful.


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