[coreboot] New patch to review for coreboot: 826a0e7 AMD S3: Change S3_VOLATILE_POS to S3_DATA_POS

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Tue Feb 19 17:30:41 CET 2013

Zheng Bao wrote:
> +++ b/src/southbridge/amd/Makefile.inc
> @@ -20,14 +20,14 @@ ifeq ($(CONFIG_HAVE_ACPI_RESUME), y)
>  ifeq ($(CONFIG_CPU_AMD_AGESA), y)
>  $(obj)/coreboot_s3nv.rom: $(obj)/config.h
> -	echo "    S3 NVRAM   $(CONFIG_S3_VOLATILE_POS) (S3 storage area)"
> +	echo "    S3 NVRAM   $(CONFIG_S3_DATA_POS) (S3 storage area)"
>  	# force C locale, so cygwin awk doesn't try to interpret the 0xff below as UTF-8 (or worse)
>  	LC_ALL=C awk 'BEGIN {for (i=0; i<32768; i++) {printf "%c", 255}}' > $@.tmp

Wasn't that 32k size changed to a config option recently? Or was that
a different 32k magic value?


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