[coreboot] building a coreboot (and 100% free software) compatible box

"Kristóf, Csillag" csillag.kristof at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 10:01:14 CET 2013

At 2013-02-07 09:43, Peter Stuge wrote:
> "Kristóf, Csillag" wrote:
>> 1. Absolutely necessary:
>> 1.1. It must be able to run 100% free software. No closed BIOS. No binary
>> firmware loaded to any part of the system with meaningful access to my
>> data. (CPU, GPU, network card, etc.)
> ..
>> 1.2. It must have hardware support for AES. (For hw crypto acceleration.)
>> 1.4. It must have hardware support for virtualization.
> ..
>> 2.3. Modern tech and High CPU performance. Of course :) Whatever is
>> available...
> 1.2, 1.4, and 2.3 are all the same requirement. Unfortunately, that
> requirement is in absolute conflict with 1.1.
I really hope that that's not 100% true.
2.3 was not a strict requirement, but a "would be nice".

The virtualization and crypto stuff have been integrated to CPUs for years.

Or I could add some external solution for hw crypto acceleration, maybe 
some PCI-e card (if something like that exists, and is supported by the 
kernel), so it does not necessarily has to be inside the CPU.

> You lose.

Really? No way out?
In that case, are you suggesting that I need to give up 1.1, or the 
other three?
What system would you suggest, if I decided to keep 1.1?

Thank you for your help:


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