[coreboot] Coreboot on Packard Bell Easynote mv35-100

karim hamza karim.7amza at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 18:15:09 CET 2013

First of all, thank you for this great project
I stumbled into coreboot while I was searching for solution for my problem
I have an old laptop (Packard Bell Easynote mv35-100)
with this problem :

The laptop have no internal HDD so i'm using a 16GB-Flash drive to work
with it , I use Live systems like ubuntu live edition or windows live
editions (winpe) but the problem is although laptop can boot from USB it
boots in very painfully slow speed
the laptop has usb 2.0 ports and the USB drive is usb 2.0 but i get a very
slow speed booting from it

I tried everything , most boot-loaders i heard of, altering settings in
bios (although there is not much to change) and updated bios to last
version (dated 2007 )

So my qestion is: Is Coreboot able to initialize USB drive and boot from
from with USB 2.0 support ?
2) My laptop isn't in the supported devices in the Coreboot site, Does this
mean i can't install Coreboot firmware to my bios chip?
3) If yes, Can you help me through that?

Thank you
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