[coreboot] AMD Parmer/Thatcher: Remaining differences in `BiosCallOuts.c`

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Thu Feb 7 08:33:51 CET 2013

Martin Roth wrote:
> I'm still working on moving things from the mainboard directories into 
> the wrapper.  I've got fixes pending right now for the fan control and SPD 
> reads that I should get submitted later this week.  Beyond that, I've got 
> plans for agesawrapper.c, acpi_tables.c, get_bus_conf.c, irq_tables.c, and 
> parts of buildopts.c and PlatformGnbPcie.c.
> I also plan to roll these changes back to some of the previous AGESA/CIMX 
> versions.

Thank you very much for working on this cleanup!


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