[coreboot] How add or fix code for flashrom working on Abit BF6

Gelip mrgelip at gmail.com
Thu Dec 26 19:39:16 CET 2013

Checked by trial and error method that flashrom works when set PCI registers like this:
setpci -s 00:07.0 b0.l=e0000105
setpci -s 00:07.0 b2.w=e000
setpci -s 00:07.0 b3.b=e0

also work setpci -s 00:07.0 b2.w=8000 but e0 is from vendor bios.

I found this data in PCI config space device 'ISA Bridge' (offset b0) after boot PC on vendor bios like this:
lspci -s 00:07.0 -xxx
Next compared this data with coreboot bios PCI config space for this device in offset b0.

Please help how fix code coreboot to make flashrom working?

P.S. Stefan Tauner wrote that this is coreboot code broken, not flashrom --> Link
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