[coreboot] coreboot on amd A85 can't work

Rudolf Marek r.marek at assembler.cz
Tue Dec 17 08:57:25 CET 2013

On 13.12.2013 08:57, 陈军根 wrote:
> Dear all:
>       I run coreboot in ASUS F2A85-MLE CPU is A10-5800k, kingston ddr3


Please note that the board is F2A85-M without the "LE". Maybe there is something 
different. Try using only one dimm in different slots.

The "M" version has 4 DIMMS your seems to use only 2 dimms: You can also try to 

spdAddressLookup in dimmSpd.c in the mainboard directory.
         // socket 0

                 {0x50 << 1, 0x52 << 1},  // channel 0 dimms
                 {0x51 << 1, 0x53 << 1},  // channel 1 dimms

To something else like:

                 {0x50 << 1, 0x00},  // channel 0 dimms
                 {0x51 << 1, 0x00},  // channel 1 dimms

                 {0x50 << 1, 0x00},  // channel 0 dimms
                 {0x52 << 1, 0x00},  // channel 1 dimms

If you don't like the ad-hoc method, try booting original BIOS with only one 
DIMM in chanel 0 and do following from Linux:

modprobe i2c-dev
modprobe i2c-piix4
i2cdetect -l

This will show i2c bus of PIIX4 aka hudson, if you have a video drivers loaded 
it will be some non-zero number. I use zero as an example:

i2cdetect 0

This will detect the chips on SPD bus. If you plug your DIMM to channel zero and 
see address 0x50 is used then the first line has valid first entry. The second 
entry in first line will be zero for you because you have only 2 dimms.

So repeat the steps and plug it to second slot and see what address you will 
get. It could be 0x51 or 0x52 as suggested above.


> 1600(kvr1600d3n9/4g),coreboot halt at "assertion Failed:file
> 'src/vendorcode/amd/agesa/f15tn/proc/mem/main/mmexcludedimm.c',line 236". I
> don't know how to do, can anyone help me?
> thanks very much!

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