[coreboot] CBFS: File 'pci10ec, 8139.rom' is of type 50, but we requested 30

Gelip mrgelip at gmail.com
Sat Dec 14 19:56:49 CET 2013

I try boot PC without payload. In make menuconfig have selected this options:

    Run VGA Option ROMs
    Run non-VGA Option ROMs
VGA BIOS -> Add a VGA BIOS image
    (gpxe.rom) or (rtspxe_m.lom)

PC boot and have only flash cursor '_' on screen and in debug have this message:

"CBFS: File 'pci10ec,8139.rom' is of type 50, but we requested 30."

How make gpxe.rom type 30 or how change request type to 50?

Does possible insert Legacy Option ROM (ISA) ?
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