[coreboot] Removing microcode updates from blobs

Patrick Georgi patrick at georgi-clan.de
Sat Dec 14 09:50:12 CET 2013

Am 14.12.2013 06:24, schrieb Gabe Black:
> If you don't want to hear it, ignore it.
That's rude. It works if you don't care at all for the people with that 
(somewhat weird) opinion, but there are a number of contributors that 
are uneasy about these binary things.
The point isn't to break things for everyone, and that isn't what the 
patches are doing.

In fact, the first half consolidates a number of different ucode update 
mechanisms and standardizes them to the way that your team introduced to 
What it does, it drops the other mechanisms. A plus in my book, for the 
simple reason that we can simplify coreboot in that area.

The second half, the "move bits to blobs.git" part, comes mostly for free.
It's transparent to anyone on current Intel chipsets given that they 
can't even boot images built without that repository. As in, at all.

So there's solid technical reason. There's one thing less to commplain 
about in coreboot (I dislike having my stuff being blamed for hardware 
faults due to other people's lazy product engineering). What's not to like?

And funnily, most of the people who chimed in aren't even affected.

 > We shouldn't break things just
> so people with mistaken opinions are happy, nor how long it took to
> rearrange things into a broken state.
I'll keep that in mind for the next x86 binary that comes our way...


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