[coreboot] Hack A Day is slamming the PCduino

David Hubbard david.c.hubbard+coreboot at gmail.com
Wed Dec 11 00:16:54 CET 2013

On Tue, Dec 10, 2013 at 3:41 PM, Gregg Levine <gregg.drwho8 at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hello!
> It is interesting. A number of weeks after Ron brought up the
> existence of this gadget, the site I track the availability of
> discussed the thing.
> Basically they are trying to stay out of the argument, but the
> comments are quite negative. It seems the connector across one end
> makes it available for the accessories for the rest of us, have the
> gadget making it an interesting thing to use, but see for yourselves:
> http://hackaday.com/2013/12/09/the-40-x86-arduino/
> as you all will see the comments aren't quite positive in their statements.

I'm not sure which comment you refer to, but a quick review shows only the
most trite of "negative" comments, along the lines of "ARM is cheaper."

It would be silly to spend any time discussing things in the
hackaday.comcomments anyway. The site itself admits they have a
problem with the
low-brow comments.

But even though I personally have no interest in an x86 clone stuffed into
an arduino package, I can find no actual attacks. The comments are pretty
tame for what typically happens on hackaday.

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