[coreboot] INTEL FSP support coreboot-v4.0-4966

Stojsavljevic, Zoran zoran.stojsavljevic at intel.com
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Hello Alex,

I am just trying to understand the main course you guys/maintainers will take from here.  It is not hard for me to tweak this what I see, and produce usable loads which work... But I am not talking about me, rather about wide community of developers which Coreboot supports.

It seems from what I see, it is very hard to use FSP concept as is: there should be a manual produced, so people, who decide to go with INTEL CPUs for their embedded development, should read it and understand in more details what should be done and why. At least.

It seems to me as the only valid option for now. And yes, also mandatory unification of the methodology for all INTEL CPUs.

By the way, this manual should be developed and placed in Coreboot tree. Is this activity already done?

Thank you,
Most of The Time you should be "intel inside" to be capable to think "out of the box".

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On 12/05/2013 08:44 AM, Stojsavljevic, Zoran wrote:
> Hello,
> [...]
> Here is the question for thinking: both CC2 and EL2 choices should be unified, to reflect one steady procedure for INTEL  FSP, right?
> I sent this email not in negative connotation, just trying to understand how better to approach Coreboot configuration procedure. Since there are more than few paths to be selected and IDF tool to be used to generate descriptor.bin .
> Looking forward to some suggestions (from wide auditorium) to what I wrote here.

Well, we still consider FSP support experimental. As you might have imagined, the concept is new to us, we're still trying to wrap our heads around it. We're not even sure if we'll keep FSP in the long run, considering we have more native support for the FSP parts.

As far as the configuration goes, if you start with a blank .config, and select the board you want, the defaults should be able to produce a working image.

How did you think of unifying CC2 and EL2? One uses the FSP path, while the other one does not. We still keep the FSP vs non-FSP paths separate, although I think converting a board from one path to the other should be relatively simple. I would start by editing the configuration in src/mainboard/intel/<boardname>/ (Kconfig and devicetree.cb), and go from there.


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