[coreboot] Checking the latest Coreboot git snapshot

Stojsavljevic, Zoran zoran.stojsavljevic at intel.com
Tue Dec 3 16:10:39 CET 2013

Hello Marc, Patrick,

I was busy with another things over these few weeks, so today I got the newest snapshot from the Coreboot git, assuming that the IVB, HSW and SNB frameworks are already integrated with Sage Electronics, and approved by Coreboot maintainers.

Now I am trying to build Coreboot from the real Coreboot, and I am running in to the following problem:
   CC         arch/x86/boot/wakeup.ramstage.o
    CC         generated/coreboot_ram.o
    CC         cbfs/fallback/coreboot_ram.debug
    OBJCOPY    cbfs/fallback/coreboot_ram.elf
    DD         Adding Intel Firmware Descriptor
make: *** [bd82x6x_add_me] Error 1

I found that the new added option in Coreboot make menuconfig in option <chipset>:
[ ] Build with a fake IFD
(3rdparty/mainboard/$(MAINBOARDDIR)/descriptor.bin) Path to intel firmware descriptor

I added (according what I know) the following directories to Coreboot config options:
[1] Specific microcode for my IVB CPU (0x306A9) I added into src/cpu/intel/model_206ax/
[2] vbios 2170 I added in src/mainboard/intel/emeraldlake2/vbios/snm_2170.dat (vbios.bin)
[3] I assume that for FSP there is premeditated location...??? I added it into: src/mainboard/intel/emeraldlake2/fsp/FvFsp.bin

Marc (Jones), Patrick (or anyone who followed the development), could you answer me the following questions, please?
(1) Where I should place FSP.bin blob (is there place in Coreboot in mainboard/intel/$(BOARDNAME)... Or?
(2) If I should define directory for FSP.bin, where I should put this in Coreboot .config?
(3) if (2) has nothing to do with descriptor.bin, what is that (description)??

Thank you,

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