[coreboot] Need help to compile an AMD Geode GX2 VSA Binary

Quentin Bouteiller quent1du58 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 1 01:51:18 CET 2013

I am currently trying to compile Coreboot for my Wyse S30 (which is pretty
identical to a Wyse S50, for those who have one) by following this
I have a major problem.
As you know, to compile a Coreboot ROM , we need two external elements:
SeaBIOS (or any other Payload) and a VSA image. For the first, there is no
problem: I am able to compile it without any problem. However, for the
second, there is a big problem: as it is said in the tutorial, "GX2 VSA
needs to be compiled with an antediluvian and esoteric toolchain from
sources that are almost nowhere to be found and embedded within the
coreboot image". And guess what? I am no able to get all the components
needed for the compilation (currently, I only have NMAKE.EXE and the
compilation environment if needed (a 16 years old Fujitsu computer running
Windows 95))... So, I want to know anyone could help me by sharing all the
dependencies (or, if you have it, directly the binary), please?

Quentin Bouteiller
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