[coreboot] Problem in building coreboot + FILO for ASI_MB-5BLMP

michele.montani at libero.it michele.montani at libero.it
Sat Aug 24 14:56:38 CEST 2013

I'm trying to make live again an old thin client based on ASI_MB-5BLMP 
motherboard. The original BIOS is blocked and I can't use it as is, so I 
thought to use coreboot and FILO, following the instructions found in "How to 
I retrived an old pc, installed Lubuntu and all packets listed in coreboot 
instructions: gcc / g++, make, ncurses-dev (when installed, a note from apt-get 
said that was selected libncurses5-dev), doxygen, iasl, gdb, flex and bison, 
used git for coreboot and FILO and, following instructions, tried to build  
libpayload. When I run "make menuconfig", I can set options and write them to .
config, obtaining the following output:
(‘comando non trovato’ means ‘command not found’)

michele at pcscratch01:~/coreboot/payloads/libpayload$ sudo make menuconfig
[sudo] password for michele: 
/bin/sh: -print-libgcc-file-name: comando non trovato
/bin/sh: -print-libgcc-file-name: comando non trovato
# configuration written to .config

*** End of libpayload configuration.
*** Execute 'make' to build or try 'make help'.

When I try to run "make install" (or "make"), the output is:

michele at pcscratch01:~/coreboot/payloads/libpayload$ sudo make install
/bin/sh: -print-libgcc-file-name: comando non trovato
/bin/sh: -print-libgcc-file-name: comando non trovato
build/libpayload-config.h build/config.h differenza: byte 92, riga 4
    CC         libpci/libpci.libpci.o
make: MMD: comando non trovato
    AR         build/libpci.a
make: rc: comando non trovato
make: *** [build/libpci.a] Errore 127

And here I stopped.

I googled to find some indication, and all I could find is to delete sh link 
and recreate it pointing to /bin/bash.

I'm not expert in Linux world, nor in programming, and I discovered coreboot 
just because I'm looking for a new BIOS for my motherboard, so I really need 
for a little help.

Thanks in advice for every suggestion you could give to me.


Michele Montani

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