[coreboot] Integrating FILO with Coreboot

Patrick Georgi patrick at georgi-clan.de
Mon Aug 19 12:26:40 CEST 2013

Am 19.08.2013 09:37, schrieb Stojsavljevic, Zoran:
>  CPPFLAGS := -nostdinc -imacros $(obj)/config.h
> -I$(INCPAYLOAD)/i386/arch
>   CPPFLAGS += -I$(ARCHDIR-y)/include -Iinclude -I$(obj)
My guess is that the libpayload in your coreboot tree is older. FILO's
master branch was adapted to an i386->x86 rename in December 2012.
Please retry building FILO in a coreboot master checkout (so you get the
master libpayload as well). These are no ABI changes, so a FILO payload
built that way is still usable with an older coreboot tree.

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