[coreboot] AMD G-Series SoC ("Kabini") and Olive Hill Development Board

Bruce Griffith bruce.griffith at se-eng.com
Fri Aug 2 08:38:40 CEST 2013

Support for AMD's latest G-Series system-on-chip (SoC) family of x86
processors has been fully released into the coreboot community.  I very
much appreciate everyone who contributed comments on the early code posted
to Gerrit, specifically Kyösti, Paul, Ron, Stepan, and the folks at Sage.
I think I have addressed all of the comments that I can to-date.  Shoot me
an e-mail if there’s something I missed.  Please review any of the code
that interests you and post comments.

The set of patches for this release include the following:

Platform Initialization (AGESA):

   The AGESA/PI code is a dump from AMD’s internal BIOS team and therefore
   doesn’t necessarily meet coreboot.org standards.  The hope is that this
   one will see more regular updates than previous releases.

   24f441d AMD Kabini: Add AGESA/PI code for new processor family
   7e1b725 AMD Kabini: Add "const" modifier to AGESA function parameters
   9a24f45 AMD AGESA: Add missing breaks to switch statement in one file
   265edf4 AMD AGESA: Fix comment for `PCIE_DDI_DATA_INITIALIZER`
   6c4c278 AMD SATA: Correct "them implement" to "then implement" in

AGESA Wrapper code for the Family 16 (“Kabini”) CPU

   334df15 AMD Kabini: Add CPU AGESA wrapper for new AMD processor family

AGESA Wrapper code for the Family 16 (“Kabini”) northbridge / graphics

   e67b533 AMD Kabini: Add northbridge AGESA wrapper (new AMD processor)
   6c7cffc AMD Kabini: Add map_oprom() function for Vendor/Device IDs

AGESA Wrapper code modifications to Hudson code for the integrated
southbridge (“Yangtze”)

   480b69a AMD Kabini: Modify Hudson southbridge to support new AMD
   d7cc030 AMD Hudson/Yangtze: Enable support for SATA port multipliers
   d71234f AMD Hudson: Add wrapper functions to enable LPC Super I/O ports
           Note: The original code in early_setup.c was used during
                 Kabini/Yangtze development.  It is not used on Olive
                 By splitting it out as a separate changelist, the hope is
                 that it will be useful on future AMD-based boards that
                 have Super I/O chips.

AMD Olive Hill development board (DB-FT3)

   44ee758 AMD Olive Hill: Add new AMD mainboard using Kabini processor
   fcee4b2 AMD Olive Hill: Eliminate unnecessary memory copy
   6ec03a2 AMD Olive Hill: Enable HDMI audio setting in build options
   c6424d6 AMD Olive Hill: Change SB800 references to Yangtze
   594cfc1 AMD Olive Hill: Remove default VBIOS vendor/device ID
   79028f8 AMD Olive Hill: Enable WARNINGS_ARE_ERRORS (remove override)

ACPI changes for consistency with community ACPI generalization work on
Persimmon, Parmer, ASUS F2A85-M:

   fda169a AMD Fam16kb: Split DSDT into common sections
   19b3483 AMD Fam16: Add secondary bus number to CRES method
   0578a98 AMD Fam16: Add OSC method to PCI0

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