[coreboot] On loongson CPU or MIPS ARCH

li guang lig.fnst at cn.fujitsu.com
Tue Apr 30 03:54:31 CEST 2013

在 2013-04-29一的 13:27 -0700,ron minnich写道:
> OK, some of us just went through this exercise for armv7a and we've
> decided we're going to help you get this done.

Great! Thanks!

> So, the first step is to get a working toolchain via crossgcc. And the
> first step in that, we found, is to pick the "name" of the CPU. For
> x86, it was x86 :-)
> For our current arm, it was armv7a-eabi.
> It needs to be the architecture name known to gcc for this particular
> architecture and CPU. So what is that for the Loongson?

for me, it's mips-elf, and maybe you can get more recent patches for gcc
from loongson's official website.

> Once that is done, I'll help you with the next steps. It's not hard,
> now that we know how it's done.

my raw simple plan:
1. startup code
2. north-bridge(bonito) init code
3. south-bridge(vt82c686b) init code
4. kernel image loading code

now, there's an issue: payload, 
seems coreboot doesn't want to do much further
things like load a kernel image, payload will
do much more, but, here what payload is suitable for me?
if it's pmon, that's maybe a joke, because I just
want to kick away pmon, but it comes back again.
or, it's grub2 as Vladimir said?
don't know, let me see.

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