[coreboot] AsRock E350M1 report: Ethernet adapter not initialized

openvoid openvoid at abandoned.su
Wed Apr 17 22:34:32 CEST 2013

Hello Dave, Paul, all.

Great thanks for fast response and some solution.

>I wanted to know if anybody could test this on a E350M1 to see if it fixes 
>the problem. 
The code was significally rewritten since 23023a5
The person who did rewriting probably inherited the issue.
As I can see now part of code doing same is in sb800.c not in late.c
static void set_sb800_gpp(device_t dev)
	/* 5.2 Enabling GPP Port A/B/C/D */
	//abcfg_reg(0xC0, 0xF << 4, 0x1 << 4);
	abcfg_reg(0xC0, 0xF << 4, dev->enabled ? 0x1 << (4 + port) : 0);

	printk(BIOS_DEBUG, "set_sb800_gpp() 3\n");
	/* 5.3 Releasing GPP Reset */
	abcfg_reg(0xC0, 0x1 << 8, 0x0 << 8);

	/* release training */
	abcfg_reg(0xC0, 0xF << 12, 0x0 << 12);

And that part i think too

	case (0x15 << 3) | 0:
		index = 4;
	case (0x15 << 3) | 1:
	case (0x15 << 3) | 2:
	case (0x15 << 3) | 3:

>Any takers? 
well, i can test applied patch on older snapshots but do not think it will worth it since master code is rewritten. it is better to get solution for current master.

PS. may be there is some my fault that patch is not much useful, i did report i tested git reverse on current master to Paul, but with checking later i found git was not latest master. when i found it i did fresh git clone to be sure and can confirm the issue still happen with rewritten code.

Thanks to all,

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