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Oliver Schinagl oliver+list at schinagl.nl
Mon Apr 15 17:59:34 CEST 2013

On 15-04-13 20:56, Martijn Bastiaan wrote:
>> The above takes minutes to master, not years.
> I've already 'mastered' mercurial, so I don't think git would give me
> too many problems. I was under the impression that it required knowing
> your way around the codebase, but I'm glad that's not the case. The
> time-issues still remain, although I might be able to solve those too
> before the end of this month.
As a fellow dutchman, I can report, GSoC's schedule is horrible for us. 
You are expected to start initial work in may-june and while that is 
somewhat possible, real work is supposed to start in june-july. You are 
expected to work upto 40 hours per week on your project. However 
june-july is when most universities have their end term examinations. 
Those require easily 60+ hours per week to finish/study for. GSoC 
basically expects you to spend around 100 Hours in 2 1/2 months on your 
project starting from may. Be very weary of this when a lotting your time.
>> That would be good, please [..] each case.)
> The broken links I encountered were external links, so I don't think
> it can be fixed permanently. All links under 'AMD' on this page[1] are
> broken for example. It can be fixed by replacing 'Processor' with
> 'Embedded', but I don't think there is a permanent solution for this
> case. I don't remember the other broken links I encountered, but I
> will fix them as soon as I do.
>> please email Stefan Reinauer to get an account
> Will do, thanks!
> Martijn
> [1] http://www.coreboot.org/Datasheets#AMD
> 2013/4/15 Peter Stuge <peter at stuge.se>:
>> Martijn Bastiaan wrote:
>>> I don't think I really qualify yet:
>>>> Prior to project acceptance, you have demonstrated that you can
>>>> work with the coreboot codebase.
>> This is a best-case, not a worst-case, requirement.
>> This merely means that you must be able to use git and push commits
>> into Gerrit and have written useful commit messages and not have
>> millions of unrelated whitespace changes in a coherent
>> single-logical-change-in-every-commit manner.
>>> But both issues are hopefully resolved in 2014.
>> The above takes minutes to master, not years.
>>> PS: I've discovered a few broken links throughout the Coreboot wiki.
>>> Maybe I can start participating by fixing them? :-)
>> That would be good, please email Stefan Reinauer to get an account,
>> but first, what are the links and more importantly why have they
>> broken? I would like it if we can somehoew move away from links that
>> may break again in the future, and reference what should be
>> essentially same information in a different more reliable way.
>> (Sometimes this isn't possible, and we have to live with broken
>> links, but it needs to be looked at for each case.)
>> //Peter
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