[coreboot] GSOC- coreboot ports for mainboards , project idea

Iurie iurcic at gmail.com
Tue Apr 16 02:42:54 CEST 2013

i have remained very entusiasmated with corebot organization, i have been
present in the irc chat room and have seen that the people there is very

well, i have never programmed nothing regarding bootloaders nor payloads or
something related and i would like to begin my integration durring this
summer .

i think that the easiest project as an introduction will be the : coreboot
ports for mainboards
there must be plenty of people that have already done simmilar project and
i think that i will get some help from many people.

furthermore, i have seen that in order to make the support for a new mboard
i need several harware to suport the port, they are listed here:

i dont want to buy the additional hardware so i would like to know if some
of you(or if u know somebody that could do that) would like to borrow me
some  hardware(if possible the complete list of the hardware). i can
provide a bail to the person that will borrow me that hardware and if i
damage something that person will be able to buy a new hardware to
substitute. i also can buy all the transportation costs (to receive and
send back all the material).

i am from Lisbon--> Portugal

i thank you in advance for the answer
best regards
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