[coreboot] Summer project

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Mon Apr 15 18:19:04 CEST 2013

Martijn Bastiaan wrote:
> I don't think I really qualify yet:
> > Prior to project acceptance, you have demonstrated that you can
> > work with the coreboot codebase.

This is a best-case, not a worst-case, requirement.

This merely means that you must be able to use git and push commits
into Gerrit and have written useful commit messages and not have
millions of unrelated whitespace changes in a coherent
single-logical-change-in-every-commit manner.

> But both issues are hopefully resolved in 2014.

The above takes minutes to master, not years.

> PS: I've discovered a few broken links throughout the Coreboot wiki.
> Maybe I can start participating by fixing them? :-)

That would be good, please email Stefan Reinauer to get an account,
but first, what are the links and more importantly why have they
broken? I would like it if we can somehoew move away from links that
may break again in the future, and reference what should be
essentially same information in a different more reliable way.
(Sometimes this isn't possible, and we have to live with broken
links, but it needs to be looked at for each case.)


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