[coreboot] First ROM Image

Rex O'Regan rexoregan20 at yahoo.com.au
Sat Sep 15 08:05:56 CEST 2012

I have a MSI MS-6163 based rig that is currently not doing much except
collecting dust and I am looking at putting coreboot on it as I want to
get involved with this project in some way.

The mobo is not supported as such, however the models either side of it
are and the northbridge, southbridge and super I/O are all supported.

Intel	82443BX

Intel	82371EB

Super I/O:
Winbond	W83977EF

I have a few questions regarding the compilation and flashing of the
coreboot image.

Can I compile it on a newer faster computer?(i5 rather than PIII)
How do I set the Northbridge, Southbridge and Super I/O for compilation?
The BIOS chip is in a socket so if I brick the machine all I need to do
is remove the chip and program it again from a separate computer?

That's all for now...


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