[coreboot] Generic AMD E350 Support

Florian Zumbiehl florz at florz.de
Thu Oct 18 09:41:18 CEST 2012


> > I notice that there are already support for the Asus E35M1
> Please note that the supported boards is the ASRock E350M1. Florian
> Zumbiehl tried to make a port for the ASUS E35M1, but for some reason it
> failed quite early as far as I am remember. I am putting him in CC just
> in case.

E35M1-M PRO to be precise. The problem was a mysterious reset that happened
in the middle of some code somewhere (IIRC somewhat indeterministically)
around RAM controller init or something, details should be in the mailing
list archive. I had waited for Frank Vibrans (who AFAIR isn't with AMD
anymore?) to analyze the problem and in the meantime had done the port to
the K8V-X instead, and then I ran out of time ;-)

I intend to look into that again sooner or later, but don't hold your
breath for it ...


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