[coreboot] questions from a user:

ron minnich rminnich at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 19:28:03 CET 2012

czernobyl at mail.ru asked us to forward this.

Before coming to you I've browsed thru 10 years' list archives
subjects and read ~ 10% of the old mails (!) Maybe this "feat" has
earnt me the right to be so bold as to ask a question.
The Asrock K7S41 board which I would consider for running linuxbios
(coreboot) has :
- processor : AMD K7 viz. Sempron 2400+ Thoroughbred-B (Cpuid 681)
- NB : SiS 741 GX
- SB : SiS 963 L
- SuperIO : Winbond 83697 HF
- 256 mega bytes flash (PLCC).
I have a spare BIOS rom (from an identical MoBo that I had to replace)
and I am not overly frigthened at the prospect of "hot swapping" -
BTDT ;=)
After the tedious readings and skimming theu the projects old sources,
I seem to grasp that unfortunately the above mentionned processor and
chipsets were not addressed by the official project.
Did someone however try, and hopefully succeed, with
linuxbios/coreboot on hardware at least partly similar to what I would
use ?
I think I have adequate understanding of X86 and the PC platform, and
I've got the docs for the chips,- not the K7's BIOS programming guide
though - much can be inferred from the K8's BIOS dev guide and if
necessary, missing MSR settings could be imitated from what the
commercial BIOS does, at least provisionnaly. BTW, does someone on
this list work with AMD ? Do you think there is a chance I - as a mere
hobbyist - could get the coveted K7 BIOS developers guide if I were to
ask AMD, by the way ?
Also, is Linux BIOS (v1) the right framework for my hardware ?
Thanks in advance.
PS : I do not "register" with the list, at the moment, I much prefer
to read messages from the archive than receive list e-mail. Hope this
is not an obstacle for getting to your estimated audience.

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