[coreboot] 486 Motherboard from scratch

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Sat Nov 24 00:06:45 CET 2012

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Rex O'Regan wrote:
> Thanks for the confidence, you make it sound like others are
> designing for other processors.

Um, mainboards designed today are generally for the processors that
come onto the market in a few years.

Any designs with obsolete technology are either for niche markets,
for learning purposes, or just for fun.

> I just chose the 486 as it seems to be about the most basic that
> can still be used

Please clarify what you mean by that.

> if there are others doing a similar thing with another class

Noone is.

Rex O'Regan wrote:
> Thanks for the input. I have only really done much software before too
> so this is a big jump for me.
> Those numbers

Certainly for 486 and possibly already for 386 you would look for
integrated chipsets, rather than using the discrete original Intel
parts, or you'll most likely need to design custom hardware, e.g. in
programmable logic, to sit in between.

Without any hardware experience whatsoever I'd suggest that it takes
three to five years of full time very fast learning with really good
mentoring to design a mainboard that can run Doom.


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