[coreboot] HM67 mobile chipset coreboot support

keeran k keeran6 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 22 17:42:05 CET 2012


Am in process of collecting the information to support intel 6 series
chipset (based on my laptop config). As mentioned the Coreboot/FAQ.
Just want to check, will coreboot work on my laptop?

Am trying to understand if there is possiblity of coreboot support for
intel mobile chipset6 series; e.g. my chipset (HM67).

Details of my Laptop:

Dell Latpop - n4050
intel chipset - HM67
CPU - i3 core (2nd gen)
chipset pdf url -
SuperIO - Nuvoton WPCE775x / NPCE 781x
flashrom -V shown warning with flashrom running on unsupported laptop

Eagerly awaiting replies...

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