[coreboot] Patch merged into coreboot/master: fa2fc33 Drop Kconfig variable BOARD_HAS_HARD_RESET

gerrit at coreboot.org gerrit at coreboot.org
Fri Nov 16 01:13:11 CET 2012

the following patch was just integrated into master:
commit fa2fc339c51649b106bf78703cbc17694abcee23
Author: Stefan Reinauer <reinauer at chromium.org>
Date:   Tue Nov 13 14:52:04 2012 -0800

    Drop Kconfig variable BOARD_HAS_HARD_RESET
    hard_reset was indeed consolidated and moved into the southbridge
    code a while ago, but the config variable was still kept alife, with
    some duplicate code.
    Change-Id: I60d4a87de916667f6e89353dfbe1a7b9eca380f7
    Signed-off-by: Stefan Reinauer <reinauer at google.com>
    Reviewed-on: http://review.coreboot.org/1837
    Tested-by: build bot (Jenkins)
    Reviewed-by: Patrick Georgi <patrick at georgi-clan.de>

Reviewed-By: Patrick Georgi <patrick at georgi-clan.de> at Wed Nov 14 09:13:44 2012, giving +2
Build-Tested: build bot (Jenkins) at Wed Nov 14 05:32:04 2012, giving +1
See http://review.coreboot.org/1837 for details.


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