[coreboot] Request: MSI U90/U100 Wind Netbook, MS-N011 Motherboard, Atom N270 Processor

Jack Ryan JackyRyan at gmx.net
Wed Mar 21 22:23:47 CET 2012

Hi everybody,

i still am a proud user of one of the old msi wind netbooks from back in
the day when the still sold the linux versions... and would be very
interested in running coreboot on it :-)

the outputs of the log utilities mentioned on the laptop page are
attached in the logs.zip.
i can send some schematics of the ms-n011 mainboard i found (but mainly
containing pin-configurations and so on) and a few versions of the
vendors bios (i've read somewhere the ECs rom are the first 64 bit of
the bios-file) if anyone is interested in those. (i didn't want to spam
the whole mailinglist with them)

in the sourcecode of git i saw that there is already a board using the
atom 230 (same cpuid), and also the 945GME and 82801GBM (ICH7-M)
chipsets seem to be supported, so that part shouldn't pose a big
problem, right?

now, as the flash-chip seems to be behind the ENE KB3310 EC-Controller (
i haven't taken apart the netbook yet, but the Laptop-page states the
flashchip is a SST MX25L8005 8 Mb chip), i guess that will be the bigger
problem correct?
will there be a way around that or does that mean that my netbook can't
use coreboot?

my skills in pure c are bad and my assembly-kung-fu is really *****!#"$&
so i think i cannot do this on my own, especially since i haven't done
any development near the hardware-level yet. but i'm willing to learn ;-)

currently i'm still using my netbook for work, so i won't risc bricking
it right now at the moment, but in 2-3 months i plan to replace it with
something else. until then i'd only be able to do qemu testing on it.



PS: i know, offtopic here, but there is a build error if you select filo
in the payloads menu and leave the standard version 0.6.0 (instead of
selecting master): conflicting types cbfs_find_file in cbfs.c and
didn't see that on the issue-tracker, is this a known problem or should
i open a bug for that?

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