[coreboot] GSoC 2012

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Sat Mar 17 17:25:31 CET 2012

Marc Jones wrote:
> coreboot was not selected to participate in GSoC 2012. This is
> disappointing new for the project. I do not know why we were not
> selected this year. I will attend the post selection meeting to see
> what we can do to improve our chances of selection next year.

I'd love to hear what they say.

> Students, thank you for your interest in coreboot. We are happy
> that you are engaging with our community. I hope that you continue
> exploring your interest in coreboot. Please let us know what we can
> do to assist you in your learning.

Yes, even if coreboot isn't participating in GSoC this year we're
still happy to help anyone who is interested in joining the project!

> Feel free to send me questions, comments, or concerns.

Thanks for working on this!


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