[coreboot] Problems with Winnet G270 Board / Igel Thin Client 3210 need help

Christian christian.suehs at online.de
Mon Mar 12 18:57:36 CET 2012

> Who can help to change the speed_translation function.

Here is the log ...

Initializing CPU #0
CPU: vendor Centaur device 6a9
CPU: family 06, model 0a, stepping 09
Detected VIA Model A Eden
Enabling improved C7 clock and voltage.
Voltage: 844mV (min 844mV; max 844mV) --> That is all correct
CPU multiplier: 4x (min 4x; max 6x) --> multiplier should be 6
 msr.lo = 4000409

-->	here the function compares the values
	there is no VIA Eden 600MHz CPU in c7a_speed_translation so

 new msr.lo = 409

Current voltage: 844mV <-- right
Current CPU multiplier: 4x <-- wrong, should be 6

For Via Model A Eden I have to change the

static int c7a_speed_translation[] = {
//      LFM     HFM
	0x0409, 0x0f13,		// 400MHz, 844mV --> 1500MHz, 1.004V    C7-M
	0x0409, 0x1018,		// 400MHz, 844mV --> 1600MHz, 1.084V
	0x0409, 0x0c18,		// 533MHz, 844mV --> 1600MHz, 1.084V
	0x0409, 0x121c,		// 400MHz, 844mV --> 1800MHz, 1.148V
	0x0409, 0x0e1c,		// 533MHz, 844mV --> 1860MHz, 1.148V
	0x0409, 0x141f,		// 400MHz, 844mV --> 2000MHz, 1.196V
	0x0409, 0x0f1f,		// 533MHz, 844mV --> 2000MHz, 1.196V
	0x0406, 0x0a06,		// 400MHz, 796mV --> 1000MHz, 796mV     C7-M ULV
	0x0406, 0x0a09,		// 400MHz, 796mV --> 1000MHz, 844mV
	0x0406, 0x0c09,		// 400MHz, 796mV --> 1200MHz, 844mV
	0x0406, 0x0f10,		// 400MHz, 796mV --> 1500MHz, 956mV

LFM is 0x0409 but I`m unsure for HFM
and should I change the c7d_speed_translation, too?

> > chris

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