[coreboot] separate mailling list for gerrit mails?

Mathias Krause mathias.krause at secunet.com
Mon Mar 12 09:55:16 CET 2012

On 10.03.2012 21:04, Patrick Georgi wrote:
> Hi,
> this came up on IRC again, but I think the issue requires wider discussion:
> Several people asked if gerrit mails can be moved to a separate mailing
> list to reduce the "mechanic" noise.
> We're highly flexible there, so we can keep it like it is, reduce the
> number of mail types, send different types to different lists, ...

For me the annoying thing is that gerrit is not fully integrated into
the mailing list and vice versa, too. Review done on the gerrit web page
is not mirrored to the mailing list and reviews done on the mailing list
gerrit will not be aware of. So it would be nice to see the reviews done
on the gerrit web page as emails on a mailing list, too.

Another point, already mentioned, would be to give those "patch set
updated" emails some more value. When I push an update to git, gerrit
already tells me what has changed (i.e., only rebased or subject changed
or files, too). It would be nice to at least get this information from
the gerrit web site and from the emails, too; interdiff would be a
bonus. Non-updates, i.e. unchanged commits of a series, should have no
effect at all - no email, no new patch set. It just "destroys" previous
reviews. But I guess this would require some changes to the gerrit code

As those proposed changes would even increase the gerrit email traffic
I'd love to have those on a separate mailing list. Not because I'm
unable to filter my emails but to avoid making new subscribers uncertain
about the intend of the mailing list. To much automated traffic might
make them skip the lurking phase and just pass on to another project.
Developers instead, should clearly subscribe to the gerrit mailing list
to get updates about the currently ongoing changes.
Mirroring gerrit merge emails to the coreboot mailing list is also a
good idea, as newcomers will get an idea of the ongoing development.

So, +1 for slit mailing lists.


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