[coreboot] Problems with Winnet G270 Board / Igel Thin Client 3210 need help

Christian christian.suehs at online.de
Sun Mar 11 18:04:38 CET 2012

> static void c7_cpu_setup(device_t dev)
> {
> 	--> A debug line here says the function is entered
> 	/* Host bus interface registers (D0F2 0x50-0x67) */
> 	/* Request phase control */
> 	pci_write_config8(dev, 0x50, 0x88); <-- Debug in pci_ops.c
> 						says nothing happens

Oh sorry,
pci_ops.c wasn`t the right place.

Coreboot hangs after writing offset 56 in c7_cpu_setup
I have changed the function like the raminit.c from cn400.

First write offset 70-83
	write offset 50
	write offset 60-67
	write offset 51,52,53
	write offset 59-5f
	write offset 55,56
finally	write offset 54

and it seems to work now.

Now there are a question for me.
Can I easily insert a new line for my 600MHz CPU in
cpu/via/c7/c7_init.c --> static int xxx_speed_translation.


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