[coreboot] ASRock E350M1 video option ROM?

Scott Duplichan scott at notabs.org
Sun Mar 11 06:04:53 CET 2012

Todd wrote

]I was wondering if anyone on the list had a copy of a functional video
]option ROM from the ASRock E350M1 board. As it uses an UEFI BIOS,
]bios_extract doesn't recognize it. I do not yet have the board in hand
](still enroute) to extract it from the factory ROM in Linux, though I have
]read that it is possible from a previous thread. I'd much prefer starting
]with a known good ROM as opposed to troubleshooting my own ineptitude. I am
]sure I will have plenty of opportunities with that elsewhere in the

I know of two ways to extract the legacy video option rom:

a) Download the image from the manufacture's web site:
   2. Extract the 4MB UEFI image (E350M11.50)
   3. Use 7-zip (version 9.21 beta) to decompress.
   4. Hex edit this file: E350M1(1.50)ROM\2\CSMCORE\1.raw
   5. Find the start of the video option rom. It starts with
      55 AA and contains text "AMD Fusion Wrestler generic VBIOS"
   6. The length is the byte after 55 AA (71) * 200h = E200h.
   7. Extract E200 bytes starting at 55 AA.

b) When the board arrives...
   1) Boot MSDOS and start DOS debug
   2) At the - prompt, enter these commands:
      -n vga.bin
   3) The option rom is vga.bin in the current directory.


On a side note, I was unable to entice coreboot to build in Ubuntu 11.10 due
to the broken linker, but was also further unable to build with the crossgcc
toolchain. I sidestepped by loading 10.10 on an unused machine (which
appears to have been successful), but thought it should be mentioned. Logs
available for the interested parties.


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