[coreboot] Dual SPI Flash

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Tue Mar 6 10:22:28 CET 2012

Oliver Schinagl wrote:
> Well My electrical engineering knowledge does not reach as far that I would 
> know where to connect what :) I can read a schematic and solder based on 
> that, but those pictures from the wiki that I linked, 
> http://www.coreboot.org/Developer_Manual/Tools/Dual_Flash  has a small PCB, 
> with 2 flash chips on it, but I can't figure out where to connect what.

That's the simple mod with some photos showing the principle at

A variation to the concept is to have a switch pull down the HOLD#
pin to GND. This should also work fine as long as the switch is not
toggled while the flash chip is being accessed.

> I do think it's a great idea, and maybe it would be an idea to draw the PCB 
> in kicad/geda or the like, and actually have small batches made. I know 
> dangerousprototypes.com has loads of small PCB's made for a few bux.

I guess whoever made the PCB can publish source and gerbers so that
others can order the same board if they want.


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