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Kostas Gounaris kgounaris at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 1 08:18:07 CET 2012

I would like to test coreboot on my PC, as I trust opensource far more than proprietary and besides the official BIOS for my MB has a couple o infuriating bugs (*) that drive me crazy. My MB is Gigabyte's GA-8I945PL-G v1.x and I am using the latest F8 BIOS. I could not find this model on the supported list, but I can see that the chipsets (945PL/IHC7) are! Is it possible to support my MB and try out coreboot on it? Thanx in advance :)
(*) First, if I enable the onboard NIC PXE BIOS by checking "Enable boot from LAN" in BIOS settings, I can not enter the BIOS setup anymore - I have to clear the CMOS. The second one is not considered a bug, but a feature : the BIOS creates an HPA on the HD and saves a copy of itself there to facilitate recovery just in case... 		 	   		  
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