[coreboot] How to make graphical issue go away with 4GB of ram

Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli GNUtoo at no-log.org
Sat Jun 30 18:18:11 CEST 2012


me and Kyösti Mälkki(kmalkki on IRC) figured out how to workarround the
following problem:
If I installed 4GB of ram in the m4a785t-m the screen comes up,however
it's black.
If I only installed 2GB of ram it worked fine.

I made a patch(I'll send it right after that email) but it seem to break
graphics for the case where 2GB of ram is installed.

So I wonder what would be the correct fix(a fix that would work for
every cases).

Explanation of the patch that will be sent right after the mail:
"basek - mmio_basek;" should be 1048576 (1G):
According to Kyösti Mälkki the correct value for the sizek is 1048576.
So I looked for what could create that size and found that.
I'm not convinced that "basek - mmio_basek" is the right fix but at
least we're in the right direction.


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